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10 Steps To Easy Home Building

Step One - Save up to $17,000 in 30 minutes!
Step Two - Where to build your home?
Step Three - What can I afford?
Step Four - Let's see the plans!
Step Five - How much will this cost?
Step Six - Let the fun begin!
Step Seven - Communication!
Step Eight - Where does the money go?
Step Nine - Home Sweet Home!
Step Ten - Time to make your dream become true!


Step One - How to save up to $17,000 in 30 minutes!

We suggest that your first step towards building your new home begin with getting to know a builder.  Builders understand that there are often times of confusion and concern when trying to put the home building process in order.  Many first time home builders feel they don't know enough about the whole building process to even know what questions they should ask.

Many people make the mistake of talking to an established builder only after spending thousands of dollars on plans and drawings.  These people are often distressed after finding the home of their dreams would cost many thousands of dollars more than their budget allowed.  By talking with a builder first, you may find that you can build your dream home at a price you can afford.

Before spending ANY money on plans and drawings, spend 30 minutes with an established home builder.  This thirty minutes could very easily save you at least $17,000 that you could otherwise spend on plans and drawings for a home that breaks your budget!

You can find a Teller County Home Builder by searching here.  Then sit down with a cup of coffee and get to know each other!     back to top

Step Two - Where to build your home?

Where to build your new home is as important as the house itself.  There are many different types of property available in the Teller County, Colorado area.  Each with their own uniqueness.  When you choose your property keep in mind the neighborhood covenants and city fees.  Builders will often work closely with you in choosing the right property.  Ask a local builder to visit your prospective land purchase to give advice on the practicality of the building site and help situate the house to make the most of your views and surroundings.

We always suggest that you have soil tests performed prior to purchasing your property.  If septic systems are required on your property, you will also want to have a percolation test performed.  Both tests are done by a licensed engineer.  A few soils tests will reveal results that will require extra foundation engineering and beefed up foundations.  Perc tests determine how fast or how slow the soil allows water to filter.  The perc test will determine if a special septic system needs to be designed.

There are basically no “bad” results from these tests, all soil is different.  The only bad result is that you may have to spend a little more money to comply with the results.  If you have already purchased your property, no problem.  Your builder will be happy to order the tests for you.  The tests will be required by the Teller County building department and by the architect that does the final engineering on your home plans.  The tests and the results only take a few days.

Please search here for more information on finding Teller County land and/or a Teller County real estate agent.

If you already have your property then you are one step ahead.  You are ready to go to Step #3!      back to top

Step Three - What can I afford?

This step takes the fear out of the question, "am I going to be able to afford this home?"  Let’s find out.  You probably already have a good idea on the amount of money you are able to spend.  Click on the handy loan calculators tab to view a finance calculator and find other helpful tools to help you determine your new home budget.

Unless you already have the finances to build a home, you will find that all financial institutions require that any new home construction begins with what is known as a “construction loan.”  Most but not all finance companies provide construction financing and most but not all can “roll” this into a permanent mortgage.  You can find more information regarding construction financing sources here.  The financing process usually takes approximately 2 - 3 weeks.      back to top

Step Four - Let's see the plans!

Already have your dream home plans?  Great!  You are ahead of the process.  Remember that your plans will eventually need to be engineered by a licensed architect to meet the specifications of your property.  Don't forget to include this in your budget.

Don’t have a house design yet?  We can help you with that.  We have several designs to choose from or we will meet with you and an architect to discuss your ideas and dreams and eventually turn those dreams into reality.  Remember custom house plans can sometimes take several months to design.       back to top

Step Five - How much will this cost?

Now that you have your builder, your property, your house plans and your financing, you are finally ready to find out how much the house will cost to build.

We will thoroughly review your finalized set of plans.  We'll discuss your general ideas on the type of flooring, fixtures, exterior veneer, roofing, windows, etc. that make your home unique.  After compiling bids from several material vendors and sub contractors we should have a very good idea on the cost of your new home.  We work very hard to give you the best prices we can.  We use top quality material and hire only sub contractors that have exceptional workmanship history.

At this time we will present you with our “Cost Breakdown” showing item by item how much it will cost to build your home.

Once we have agreed on a price we will give you our “Construction Agreement” or “Contract” for you to review.  Once reviewed and agreed upon, all parties will sign.  You are on your way to having a new home.       back to top

Step Six - Let the fun begin!

You will have a few decisions to make concerning exact paint and stain colors, flooring choices, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc.  We can help you with your choices and direct you to material suppliers for your selections.  This is the fun part and it is what makes your home unique.       back to top

Step Seven - Communication, Communication, Communication!

Turnkey knows the importance of keeping an open communication with our clients.  We realize we are not just building a house, we are building a home, your home.  The decision to build a home will probably be the biggest and most expensive decision you will ever make.  It is our job to make sure your decision becomes a reality with the least amount of effort and stress on your part.  Building a new home should be fun and trouble free.  We strive to make it just that - fun and trouble free!

You will be provided a private link and password through our web site to view a weekly update of your project.  You will see weekly photos of the progress of your home and an open line of communication through e-mail or phone call.  You can voice any questions or concerns and expect answers quickly.   Or if you prefer in-person communication, we can do that too.  We encourage you to communicate with us as often as possible.      back to top

Step Eight - Where does the money go?

Turnkey will work directly with your bank or mortgage company that is providing the construction financing.  We will handle all construction accounting for you.  Each month we will turn in a Draw Request to the bank for the work that has been completed to date.  You won’t have to lift a finger.  We require all vendors and subs to sign lien releases for each payment they receive.  Each sub contractor is also fully insured with both Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance. Turnkey Construction is a fully insured builder for your complete protection.

Turnkey handles all permits and inspections required by the county and city building departments.      back to top

Step Nine - Home Sweet Home!

Here we are approximately 6 months later and you about to be new home owners.  We hope it has been a wonderful experience for you and your family.  Are you ready to do a final walk-through?  This step is very important to us.  We want everything in the house to be perfect for you.  During the final walk-through we want you to point out anything you see that needs to be touched up or is not to your liking.  We call this the “final punch list.”  Our superintendent will make it his number one priority to complete each item on the list.  Our job is not complete until you are satisfied!      back to top

Step Ten - Time to make your dream become true!

We are finally ready to order the final inspection with the county building department.  Once we have the final inspection then the building department will grant you a “Certificate of Occupancy”.  You can start moving in!  (Sorry, but the building code requires a Certificate of Occupancy be granted before you can move in any furniture)  The actual certificate will be issued within a week.    back to top

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